Fresh & Local Food

22 Jul

I am a big fan of eating at smaller independently owned restaurants rather than large chains. I live in Bismarck, ND and there are a few great places here I really enjoy. A list of my favorites:

  • Fiesta Villa – The best patio in town! I personally enjoy their hand rolled chicken tacos. After 9pm, they are only $4 for 2 and are very filling. Topped with guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, and lettuce.
  • Blarney Stone Pub – I have never been disappointed with anything I have gotten from the Blarney. Its about a 2 minute walk from my front door so I tend to slip in for their breakfast on Saturdays – the Irish Benedict with Parmesan hash browns are good for breakfast, Irish Nachos go really well with a drink of any kind [I recommend ordering a Ninja Turtle – you won’t regret it.]  and seriously, I have never had a better bread pudding.
  • Peacock Alley – The peacock is a refreshing change or pace from the run in the mill restaurant. I have only eaten there twice however if I am ever craving a lamb gyro, this is where I will go. They are in the midst of changing their menu and I REALLY hope the gyro will not be an item they get rid of.
  • Mr. Delicious – Saved the best for last. The Chef at Mr. Delicious is Aaron Bank, he attended culinary school in Florida and is my Bismarck culinary hero. I was hooked from the first moment I tasted the roasted veggie sandwich. Hooked a second time when I tried the sea bass. Hooked again when I saw the 8 different cheesecakes in the window. Aaron makes different flavors everyday. They range from Vanilla, White Chocolate Raspberry, Red Velvet,Tye Dye, and I have had a piece of creme brulee cheesecake that was so amazing I could barely speak. They have sushi once a month that I have yet to try, but I will soon.

I think it’s amazing what you can find when you are adventurous, flexible, and willing to try new food. Have you looked into your neighborhood hot spots lately? You might be surprised at what you will find!


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