The Writers Funk

4 Jun

I sit down with a pen and paper. My mind goes blank. I get up and flop the pen and paper down on my chair. Going into my kitchen I grab the latest copy of Food & Wine magazine. Inspiration hits! I want to grab my mixing bowls, my lemon printed apron, my pampered chef cutting board! Watch out world, you’re in for some flour flinging and olive oil slinging. About 2 hours later, I will leave the kitchen [after cleaning said kitchen, cause I hate a dirty kitchen] feeling accomplished and my cupboards will be filled with whatever creation I was so inspired to make. After 2 hours of cooking, I am tired, of course. I see the paper out of the corner of my eye and I wrinkle my nose and climb into bed for the night.

At work the next day I sit down and open my emails. I smile when I see my copy of “Craft Daily” has arrived! I look over the crafty lamps people have made out of pop can tops, chicken wire, and old gym baskets. My mind goes back to that blank piece of paper. I roll my eyes.

Later that day, I arrive home to a package at my door. I tear open the package that I have been waiting for, it’s here! My candy flavoring! I have been wanting to start making homemade lollipops to sell on for weeks and now my blackberry flavoring is here! I walk in the door and again I see the blank, neglected piece of paper. I pick up the piece of paper, look at it. Study it. hold it close, hold it far. What is supposed to be written on this sheet of paper? My phone starts buzzing and it is my friend Darika, “You have to join me! There is a vintage sale at the BAGA art center.” I drop the paper on the floor, rushing out the door. There the paper will sit.

*Disclaimer: This blog has been SO neglected lately due to my over inspiration in other areas of interest ie. vintage sales, aspiring lollipop sales, cooking, and so on. I don’t want to take up space on the internet and just let this blog sit here, untouched so I am undergoing maintenance on this blog within the month of June. There will soon be tabs for recipes, vintage decor ideas, writings, etc. All encompassing? I hope so.


One Response to “The Writers Funk”

  1. Darika June 4, 2010 at 11:20 am #

    For a moment there, I envisioned you an urban cowgirl with one holster holding a ziploc bag of flour and the other holster holding a long-stemmed bottle of olive oil. Delish!

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